Electrolysis Skin Tag Removal

Christine rated us 5 out of 5!
I have had skin tag removal today with Natalie. She was the ultimate professional, I have quite a few skin tags in my arm pits. Firstly I had a thorough pre procedure consultation where my medical history was checked. Natalie then explained what would happen during the procedure and how it would be uncomfortable for the duration of the individual tag removal. There was an element of needle like pain especially when removing the larger tags merely because they took a little longer, but that pain disappeared immediately the implement was taken away, the smaller tags took seconds and hardly felt it. Natalie then spoke to me about after care which I fully intend to follow. Most importantly, there were 2 growths which she couldn💯 say were tags. These she left and advised me to visit the doctors to check with the assurance that she would remove them if they were indeed tags.

I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie for this procedure, she was the consummate professional and I now will feel I can wear sleeveless tops without worrying about displaying these ugly growths.
Thanks Natalie